aFilter | Analog style filter

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The aFilter is filtering device with six different filter types inspired by analog filter designs.

The device also contains five different devices to shape the sound pre-and post-filter.

All parameters can be modulated by three different modulator devices.

All modules can be changed on the fly to find your perfect sound.

The device allows for smooth analog style filtering. But can also be used to destroy sound or something in between. By controlling every parameter it is possible to shape the sound even further by morphing between distorted and filtered sounds.

If you get this device you also get the aFilter mini. The aFilter mini is a smaller version of the aFilter that only includes the filters. This is nice if you only want to use the filters or if you need a smaller form factor.

The device has six different filter types:







aFilter can be distorted pre and post filter:


-Soft Clip




All parameters can be modulated with three different devies

-Envelope Follower

-Morph LFO


Attention: This devices uses a lots of CPU!

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aFilter | Analog style filter

5 ratings
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